5 Amazing Authors Who Were Published as Teenagers

6 Amazing Authors Who Were Published as Teenagers

From historic and iconic author, Mary Shelly, to modern young adult author, Rachel Coker. Many books have been published by young teenage authors. In the video below, Carol Topp showcases just a handful of authors who have made it big with their published works. The video should be an inspiration to young aspiring authors just like yourself and should empower you to never give up on your dream!

If you ever dreamed of becoming a published author, you should seriously consider either starting or finishing a book. Then when the time comes, you can either traditionally publish or self-publish.

If you have questions, you should watch Carol’s video on the publishing options available for print and digital. Should you decide to try your hand at traditional publication, Carol also has a video listing the pros and cons.

Good luck on your writing and I hope to see you on virtual or physical book shelves!

Tips from parents of entrepreneurs


Are you hoping to raise an entrepreneur?

Maybe your child is full of ideas to make money.

You’ll enjoying meeting 3 parents of teen entrepreneurs in this episode of the Dollars and Sense podcast.

Listen to the podcast.

In this podcast, 3 parents, Bob, Suzanne and Jennifer, shared their experiences of how they encouraged their entrepreneurial teenagers. They discussed:

  • Their role as a parent
  • How to school work fit into their students’ lives?
  • What was most difficult for their child?
  • When should a parent step in?
  • How do you encourage entrepreneurship?

Some of their advice:

  • Don’t let school get in the way of your eduction (paraphrasing Mark Twain)
  • Arrange to get schoolwork done first. Balance schedule and manage time.
  • HALT-Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired
  • Encourage, knock down obstacles.
  • Work with school to make changes in start time.
  • Find resources, field ideas with your student
  • Encourage. Recognize milestones and achievements. Get advisers.

If you have a teenager who want to make money check out the Micro Business for Teens books and videos.

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Your Sales Presentation: How and Why You Need to Write One

 Your Sales Presentation: How and Why You Need to Write One

Quick! A person on the street walks up to you and asks what your business is. Can you explain it to him in as little as 30 seconds?

A sales presentation is able to describe your product or service to the customer in a quick bite-sized package. It’s kind of like a TV commercial. While you can take up to two minutes to describe the product or service, it’s best to keep it as short as possible!

When writing down and memorizing a sales presentation, you should include these 8 components to make it fantastic:

  1. An introduction to yourself and your business name
  2. A description of what your main product or service is
  3. Two or three main benefits that your product or service provides
  4. A brief demonstration, sample, or picture, if possible (Tip! Keep a catalog of photos on your smart phone for easy reference)
  5. A sales statement or tagline
  6. Your price
  7. How a customer can reach you to buy
  8. A call to action

A sales presentation can be used for more than just the person on the street who walks up to you and asks about your business. You can use it as trade fairs, craft shows, or even in a video that you post on your website.

You should also scale your main message of the sale presentation into long and short versions. This is perfect when you’re in a situation where someone is interested in your product, but only has a short timeframe to hear about it.

Just remember, there are many uses to a sales presentation. It’s highly recommended that you write one as soon as possible. That way you never get tongue-tied if someone asks you about your business.

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Video: Can a Self Published Author Be Picked up by a Traditional Publisher?

Video Can A Self Published Author Be Picked Up By a Traditional Publisher?

Can a Self Published Author Be Picked up by a Traditional Publisher? This is a question that was asked at the Cincinnati Home School convention to Carol Topp, who was giving a workshop on “How You or Your Teenager Can Become a Published Author”. Watch below to see Carol’s response:

Starting a Micro Business shares with you the steps you need to take for setting yourself up to be your own publishing business. From the idea, to the business plan, to setting up a bank account, Carol’s book walks you through it all! Check it out on Amazon or on MicroBusinessForTeens.

Video: Is It a Good Idea to Blog Your Novel?

Video: Is It a Good Idea To Blog Your Novel?

Should you take your novel and post it for free on your blog to build a following? This is a question that was asked at the Cincinnati Home School Convention while Carol Topp was speaking on “How you or your teenager can become a published author”.

Watch the video below to see Carol’s response to the question:

Starting a Micro Business shares with you the steps you need to take for setting yourself up to be your own publishing business. From the idea, to the business plan, to setting up a bank account, Carol’s book walks you through it all! Check it out on Amazon or on MicroBusinessForTeens.

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Brainstorming micro business ideas


Do you need an idea for a micro business?

In this podcast, Dollars and Sense Show, host Carol Topp, interviewed teenagers doing a brainstorming exercise on micro business ideas.

Listen in and you’ll be impressed by the terrific micro business ideas they came up with!

Some of the audio is a bit difficult to hear because the room was full of a lot of brainstorming activity!

Photos of the student’s brainstorming.

If you’d like more micro business ideas visit MicroBusinessForTeens.com idea blog posts.

or the Micro Business for Teens Ideas Pinterest page

Starting a Micro Business for Teens BookDo you have a great idea and need help starting your micro business? Micro Business for Teens books and videos will get you started.

Carol Topp

Teen Entrepreneur Turns Down Apple

Teenage Entrepreneur Turns Down Apple

He’s only 19-years-old and he already has close to 40 apps on the App Store!

John Meyer has been an app developer since freshman year of high school. One of his first apps he developed was, Just Light, a flash light app that has been downloaded more than 2 million times!

When John was 16, he wanted to go to Apple’s popular WWDC conference for developers. His only problem was their age requirement; you had to be 18. That didn’t stop John from finding a way around the system. He asked his dad to buy the ticket for him. Then they both flew out to San Francisco and his dad gave John the ticket to go.

“I was 16 and anyone under 18 wasn’t allowed. It was right after the successful flashlight app. My dad got the ticket from Apple, flew back home and left me in San Francisco,” he laughs.

The good news is Apple has since changed its rules and now dedicates a whole teen program just for young developers.

John says he’s really been able to make a connection with many of the Apple staff saying, “I’ve been close with a lot of people at Apple, from going to Apple’s developer conference every year. I’m in a field where I’ve done a lot of things already, an expansive portfolio of projects I’ve worked on.”


Apple CEO, Tim Cook standing with John Meyer

Apple CEO, Tim Cook standing with John Meyer

His expertise and connections with Apple actually landed him a job offer to work as an intern for Apple. For many, this is a killer job! Interns at Apple can make close to $5,723 a month. But John turned it down saying, “I am, at heart, an entrepreneur. I won’t be happy working for someone else.”

Although a college age 19-year-old, John decided that college isn’t for him. Instead he’s decided to pursue building his own startups. One of his startups is Fresco News. Fresco basically takes Instagram, Twitter, and Flipboard and turns photos from ordinary people on the scene of big news events into news stories.

His startups are definitely keeping him busy and although college could be a possibility in the future, right now he’s just happy with making apps for fun and profit.

H/T: Business Insider

3 Things Running a Micro Business Can Teach You

3 Things Running a Micro Business Can Teach You

When you’re starting micro business, the main purpose of starting one should be to learn while earning money. Micro owners are interested in learning everything they can about running a business. They intend to make money from their micro, but learning is paramount in their minds.

But what exactly can you learn from a micro? That’s a good question! Below are 10 things running a micro business can teach you, not matter your age or experience level in business.

1. Running a Micro Business Can Teach You To Manage Time

It’s true. You know the saying, “You are what you eat?” The same goes with managing the time with your micro business. Through starting a micro business, you’ll learn how to schedule clients into your calendar. You’ll also learn about working around someone else’s schedule.

Sometimes it’s not always convenient to mow a clients’ lawn on Tuesday, even if that’s the day you have free for them.

2. Running a Micro Business Can Teach You How to Serve Customers

You’ll learn very quickly if you have poor customer service skills! If you can’t work with a customer, they won’t stay a customer.

What’s great is running a micro business can actually help you improve your people and relationship skills. The more you reach out to people to ask if you can offer a service, the better your communication skills will become.

3. You’ll Learn How to Be Unique and Overcome Shyness

This kind of goes along with #2. The more you start talking to people, whether by going door-to-door or over the phone, the less you will stutter, or tense up, or forget what to say. You will learn the skills that are necessary for the future when you end up with a job in the corporate world.


You will also learn how to become unique as a business person. When you see three posters for a dog walker at the end of the road, you’ll soon realize that you have to come up with a unique pitch to sell yourself to a dog owner.

Just remember, it might be overwhelming to be stretched to doing new things, but starting a micro business doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, you should check out, Starting a Micro Business. In the book, you’ll learn how to start a micro business from scratch. Through the book, you’ll be walked though the steps from getting an idea, to launching a micro business for success. I encourage you to check out the book today. It’s available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition as well as on this website.

5 Ways You Can Start a Micro Business Without Debt

5 Ways You Can Start Your Own Micro Business Without Debt

Starting a micro business doesn’t mean going into debt to do so. Last week I wrote a blog post on the problems with debt when starting a micro business. This week I wanted to show you some of the best ways you can raise or earn money toward starting your own micro business.

Starting a Micro Business Without Debt

Let’s look at 5 tried and true ways you can start a micro business without debt. Any or all of these ideas can help you generate your start-up cash. Just remember to keep your micro business manageable and as debt free as possible.

#1 Save the Money First

While many small business owners think that they need a loan to start a business, most micros don’t need one! In fact, why would you even want a loan if you don’t need it? A loan puts a drain on your profits!

Rather than getting a loan, consider saving some money first.  Think of it as paying yourself first. If you could pay back a loan, you should be able to save up some money beforehand. Saving up the cash first is better than going into debt.

#2 Start as a Hobby

Have you ever thought about starting your micro business as a hobby? This means you aren’t starting it with the goal of making a profit, rather to break even. This teaches you a lot about marketing, pricing, expenses, etc. But you don’t have to worry about making the profit from your work. Instead you’re aiming to learn a lot.

#3 Find an Investor, But Not a Partner

Investors are willing to make a loan to a new business and may not expect to be repaid for a long period, if ever. Investors could be your parents, grandparents or a business mentor.

The reason I’m against partnerships, especially with friends, is because a partnership is like marriage but without being in love. You are legally responsible for everything good or bad that your partner does to the business. Remember that even a verbal agreement is considered a partnership in the court room. Be careful and consult an attorney before ever striking a partnership with anyone.

 #4 Sell something to raise cash

Items that you no longer use such as: electronics, a musical instrument, or collectables could be sold at a garage sale, on Craigslist, or eBay. This money could be used toward launching your micro business.

#5 Work a temporary job

Sometimes raising money toward starting a micro business means working for someone else initially. Work retail over Christmas or deliver pizzas for a few months to earn some cash.

Not only will this job help raise money for your micro business, it will also teach you time management skills. These are important skills to know when starting your own business.

What Else Do I Need Besides Money When Starting a Micro Business?

Starting a micro business requires way more than just start-up funds. You need a good idea, a solid business plan, and most likely a business mentor. In fact my book, Starting a Micro Business, covers all these topics and much more! I encourage you to check out the book today. It’s available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition as well as on my website.

P.S. The Kindle edition is only $4.95 and can be shared with your family on different Kindles, iPads, iPhones, or other tablet devices! Perfect for homeschooling families on a budget.