Micro Business for Teens Workbook

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Are you a teenager that has started a business?

Good for you! That is more than most teenagers (and adults) accomplish.

Hopefully you were helped by my books Starting a Micro Business and Running a Micro Business.

My book Micro Business for Teens Workbook will help you put into place what you have learned and read about in Starting a Micro Business and Running a Micro Business.

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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book

Chapter One: What is a Micro Business?

Chapter Two: Getting an Idea

Chapter Three: Problems and Pitfalls

Chapter Four: Writing a Business Plan

Chapter Five: Starting Without Debt or Risk

Chapter Six: Research and Learning More

Chapter Seven: Encouragement

Chapter Eight: Sales

Chapter Nine: Marketing

Chapter Ten: Customer Service

Chapter Eleven: Record Keeping

Chapter Twelve: Bookkeeping & Software

Chapter Thirteen: Names, Numbers and Insurance

Chapter Fourteen: Time Management


About the Author


My family lives in a very rural area, so this book was very idea-rich for my two teen sons. With driving and dating now part of our every day, money is always in short supply. Carol is brilliant with ways to encourage teens to work, earn their own money, and develop business skills that will serve them the rest of their lives! I can’t recommend this book highly enough! -Parent

The workbook was a handy guide, walking the students step-by-step through the process of setting up their micro business. I feel confident that all my students need to add to Carol Topp’s book to become successful micro-business owners is some creativity and hard work. I’m already seeing the fruit of this reasonably priced resource. Highly recommended! -Teacher

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P.S. This workbook book, Micro Business for Teens Workbook, will help put into practice what you learn from the Starting a Micro Business and Running a Micro Business books. Don’t waste time and money starting a business that fails. Learn what you need to be successful. Order your workbook today and get started!

Carol Topp, CPA