Running a Micro Business book

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Are you a teenager that has started a business?

You have a great idea and started your own business! Good for you! That’s more than most teenagers ever attempt.

But now you realize you have a lot to learn!

Need help?

Here’s a few things you might need to learn more about:

  • time management
  • customer serve
  • how to overcome shyness
  • bookkeeping to track your income and expenses
  • how to express yourself
  • confidence
  • marketing

My book Running a  Micro Business for Teens will help you run a successful micro business.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: What’s Different About This Book?

Chapter One: Sales

  • Your Sales Statement
  • Selling in Person
  • Your Sales Presentation
  • Making the Sale
  • Getting Paid in Person
  • Selling Online
  • Getting Paid Online

Chapter Two: Marketing

  • Describe Your Customer
  • Reaching Your Local Market
  • Reaching a Distant Market
  • Progress Step by Step
  • Make a Marketing Plan

Chapter Three: Customer Service

  • Serving Customers is Good for Business
  • What to Charge
  • Tips and Secrets of Customer Service

Chapter Four: Record Keeping

  • What Records to Keep
  • Record Transactions
  • Keep Supporting Documents
  • Keep Official Letters
  • How to Record Your Start Up Expenses
  • Record Purchases of Equipment

Chapter Five: Bookkeeping Basics

  • A Simple Bookkeeping Method
  • What to Do and When
  • Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually
  • Should You Learn Bookkeeping or Accounting?
  • Hire Help If You Need It

Chapter Six: Using Software

  • Personal Money Management Software
  • Small Business Accounting Software
  • Recommendation

Chapter Seven: Legal Names and Numbers

  • Does a Micro Business Need a Name?
  • When is a Business License Needed?
  • Should a Micro Business be a Sole Proprietorship?
  • Should a Teenager Start Business With a Friend?
  • When Is a Tax ID Number Needed?

Chapter Eight: Reducing Risk

  • Is Insurance Needed?
  • What’s an LLC?

Chapter Nine: Time Management

  • Goal Setting
  • To Do Lists
  • Time Management
  • What if YOu Cannot Get it All Done?

About the Author


My two oldest kids and I have read through your micro business books and began an Entrepreneurs Club with we three as members. We are meeting weekly to talk about the progress we make, what we plan on doing the next week, and help each other as needed. Thanks for writing such a realistic and clear guide for kids wanting a business. -Parent of teenagers

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P.S. My book, Running a Micro Business, will help you your a successful micro business.  Don’t waste time and money starting a business that fails. Learn what you need to be successful. Order your book today and get started!