Micro Business Idea: Music Producer

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In the small town of Needham, Massachusetts, teen Aaron Harel lamented that there wasn’t much to do in his town. A budding musician, Aaron decided to change that. When he was in seventh grade, he began performing with his band, Prom for 8, on the weekends as a way to bring some entertainment to the town’s youth. Aaron quickly realized that he enjoyed putting on shows. From that point on, Aaron had a micro business as a music producer, organizing and coordinating live music and concerts from local talent. Business has been good; Aaron is responsible for numerous shows in his area. Now a senior in high school, he is producing his last show, Dubstock: the Sequel, before attending college in Philadelphia. What advice does Aaron have? “If I got four or five people to help me, I could put together a show. It only got easier, through trial and error at every show.” Aaron learned from his business mistakes, which helped only improved his future shows and business! And while his music producing days may be over in Massachusetts, he doesn’t plan to quit: big plans are in store for producing in college!

Courtesy of The Needham Times

Aaron saw a need, and filled it with his micro business! Do you have a passion for music? Producing may be for you! Find some tips to get started in my book, Starting a Micro Business

Carol Topp, CPA