Micro Business Idea: Recycling Business

© by Dominique Godbout

For 16-year-old Travis Richards, fulfilling a childhood dream to start and run a business was a no brainer. All it took was a little inspiration from a business class at his high school, and a micro business was born. Travis had always taken interest in his community and the environment. With this, he decided to open a recycling business, Travis’s Pop Can Recycling. Essentially, Travis picks up recycling from his customers and processes the cans until he delivers them to be recycled. His business earns him around $25 per delivery, and all he needed to start was a can crusher and a trailer given him by his parents. Travis continues to expand his business by word of mouth and he enjoys the extra money he has made!

Courtesy of Barry’s Bay

Want to clean up your community, like Travis? Recycling could be the micro business for you! Learn how to put things in motion through my book, Starting a Micro Business.

Carol Topp, CPA