Micro Business Idea: Vintage Retail Business

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If you saw 15-year-old Alexandra Hug in her native Omaha, Nebraska, she would most likely be decked out in styles of the 1960s. Why? Ever since she began listening to music of the Beatles in grade school, Alexandra fell in love with that era, especially its fashion. It wasn’t long before she was searching for vintage pieces at local thrift stores or garage sales. This love inspired Alexandra to take what she did best, finding unique vintage clothing, and turning it into a micro business! Alexandra runs her own vintage retail store, the Vintage Closet, selling clothing and accessories she has hand-selected. And it is taking off! Her growing business has enabled her to secure a permanent location, as well as partner with a fellow vintage aficionado. While Alexandra plans to study history and business in college, she would love to continue expanding her micro business.

Courtesy of Omaha.com

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Carol Topp, CPA