Teen Micro Business Owner: Josiah Mendez

It’s time again for another look at a teen micro business owner! We hope you’ll find inspiration, teens, as you hear the stories of other individuals just like you who are successfully running their own micro businesses.

I would like to introduce to you Josiah Mendez, teen micro business owner of Parakidz. What is Parakidz all about? I think you’ll find it as fascinating as I did when I met Josiah.

Welcome, Josiah. Tell us about your micro business.

Our micro business specializes in making paracord survival bracelets and other items made from this material. We only use 100% USA-made paracord which is military grade, water proof, and mildew resistant. This is a micro business that I run with my brother Issac (10) and sister Evie (8).

How long has Parakidz been in operation?

We have been making paracord bracelets since December of 2011. Soon after that, friends starting requesting the bracelets. With the help of my dad, who is a webmaster, my brother, sister, and I learned new ways of making paracord bracelets, set up a website, and learned about marketing and graphic design. We also learned the importance of social media and e-commerce. Our business was officially launched on my birthday, March 20th, 2012.

Now, why did you start Parakidz?

We started our business because we like survival stuff. My parents wanted to use the experience to teach us all about running a business, keeping bank accounts, running a website, the impact of social media, and how to market a product.

What has been most challenging about running your micro business?

The most challenging aspect of the business has been making sure the products don’t have any flaws. There was some trial and error making sure the product didn’t come undone because we believe the best quality should be given to our customers.

Before we wrap up, do you have any advice for other teens looking to start their own micro businesses?

The best advice I could give would be to make sure each item is carefully made from the best quality material (regardless of blisters and burns on your hands!) This will make sure the customers are satisfied with the product so they can spread the word. We always try and make our products with great care so we can honor and respect God in everything we do.

We enjoyed having you here, Josiah. Thanks for stopping by! Teens, hop on over to the Parakidz’ website; you will love its appealing design and functionality.

Josiah is spot on when he talks about the importance of satisfying the customer. Chapter Three of my book, Running a Micro Business, is all about how to provide great customer service, like Parakidz!

Carol Topp, CPA